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Company Profile for Midwest Precision

Midwest Precision began in a garage as a small family-owned company named Miller Manufacturing. Throughout the years, the name and the facilities have changed, but the core values of offering a quality service at competitive rates have not.


Beginning in 1973, we have grown to be the most versatile sheet metal fabricator in this region. We offer unique processes such as automated laser production, 5-axis laser cutting, and waterjet machining, in addition to all of the equipment necessary to fabricate any sheet or plate metal assembly.


Our customers run the gamut of the sheet metal marketplace:

  • Health and Fitness Equipment
  • Sports and Recreational Equipment
  • Automotive and Trucking Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Oil Field and Refinery Components
  • Electronic Pieces and Cabinetry
  • Department of Defense
  • Architectural and Decorative
  • Agricultural

We also offer JIT and stocking programs. Please contact our sales department about any special needs that you require.

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